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Extreme events: Water and environments


Anfang 25. Mai 2021
Ende 27. Mai 2021
Dauer 3 days
Ort online

The second edition of the symposium under the theme of extremes is postponed to 2022.
It will be preceded from May 25 to 27, 2021 by a webinar!
The webinar program will be available in November and registrations will be open from January 2021. Participation in the webinar will be free of charge.

This international conference is open to the academic world and socio-economic partners concerned by the variability of the water cycle and adaptation to extreme events.

Climate change is disrupting the water cycle. Impacts are observed in all environments and socio-ecosystems: forests, soils, lakes, cities, and so on. The MiDi (Environments & Diversity) network and its partners propose to focus on the different forms of impacts of climate change via its effect on water. Indeed, if the general trend of global warming is observed in all regions of the world, where are the findings and responses to climate extremes such as droughts, floods, heat waves and sudden and intense rainfall?

For this second edition of Climate Change Water, special attention will be paid to the vine and the forest as an object as well as to the particular hydrometeorological extreme that are droughts. This choice does not exclude papers on any other subject of study as well as on other climatic extremes.

More at the symposium’s website (program, contact, …)




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