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5th International Conference on Reanalysis

Anfang 13.11.2017
Ende 17.11.2017
Dauer 5 days
Veranstaltungsort Rome, Italy

The 5th International Conference on Reanalysis (ICR5) will provide us the opportunity to review progress and discuss future plans in key areas.

Climate research has benefited over the years from the continuing development of reanalysis. As reanalysis datasets become more diverse (atmosphere, ocean and land components), more complete (moving towards Earth-system coupled reanalysis), more detailed, and of longer timespan, community efforts to evaluate and intercompare them become more important.

The conference will bring together reanalysis producers, observation providers, numerical modellers and the user community to review current reanalysis activities and to discuss user needs for future reanalyses.

Through this conference, we aim to assess the merits and review the progress in reanalyses, to monitor climate variations and support policy makers to develop adaptation policies, and to provide complementary information to other climate sources.

The conference will be organized around five main topics:

  1. status and plans for future reanalyses,
  2. observations for reanalyses,
  3. methods for reanalyses,
  4. evaluation of reanalyses and
  5. applications of reanalyses.

The programme of the Conference will be available shortly.

There are conference fees. Early Bird registration is now open.

Read more at the website of Copernicus Climate Change Services C3S (programme, contact, registration, ...)


Angelicum Congress Centre
Largo Angelicum
1 - 00184 Rome

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