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Deutsches Klimaportal - Philosophie

Das Deutsche Klimaportal unterstützt die konsequente deutschlandweite Vernetzung von Klimadienstleistern und Nutzern von Klimainformationen. Mehr : Deutsches Klimaportal - Philosophie

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ESA: Sentinel Hub - 1 Year Free Earth Observation Data

Datum 21.11.2017

ESA (European Space Agency) partnered with Sentinel Hub to offer your business 1 year free and easy access to a wide range of Earth Observation data and 10 hours of support to help you build new services.

Sentinel Hub – Apply for Free EO DataQuelle: European Space Agency ESA

Sentinel Hub is a simple and efficient way of archiving, processing and distributing satellite data using standard web services that can be easily integrated in any desktop, web or mobile mapping application.

Unique features of Sentinel Hub

  • global coverage
  • efficient access to imagery at any scale
  • preconfigured and custom EO products
  • multi-temporal processing
  • custom scripting

System features

  • Access the entire global archive of multi-spectral data
  • Compliance with OGC standards such as WMS, WMTS, WCS and WFS
  • Time-lapse functionality and time-series statistical analysis tools
  • APIs for advanced feature integration and on-the-fly output definitions
  • Results in real-time, seconds or less


Join ESA's webinar scheduled for 23 November 15:00 - 16:00 CET, to learn how satellite data can enhance your business solutions, how to use the free data provided by Sentinel Hub, and how ESA Business Applications can support your business.

Read this and more at ESA’s website (Application for free EO data, registration for the webinar, playground, ...)